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About Me, huh?  Would you believe me, if I told you, "me", "I", & "us", were only thought formations leading nowhere? lol.  So, since "me" doesn't really exist, then I can't really type anything here. ;-)♥ But, then again that wouldn't be any fun! ha~ How should I place this information to make sense to you. "Ok, I've got it;" I am & you are whoever is reading this with the Divine Pure Love-Eyes, is the Greatest Mystery that the Mind-ego, couldn't possibly comprehend and wouldn't want to. The reader, and the writer are both one. Similar to a coin, two sides, but only one coin. This is who I am.

"Anybody can handle a lamp without distinction of caste and creed. So also, the sun gives the same light to all. Sun is visible to all alike. Fire is visible to all alike. Supreme Buddhi (intelligence) and Jnana (knowledge) are one to those who have developed in them the power of the internal eye."  Isn't this the Grandest News that you've ever Heard. This is the Truest News! Why would anyone denign this excellent intelligence. I know why, becuz they're afraid of unconditional love.

"When our intellect becomes one with God, the same is known as Raja yoga. It is all peace; it is formless, qualityless. Bliss has no characteristics whatsoever."

Bhakti: "It is not Bhakti to give a man some money or to give him a meal as charity. Bhakti is universal love. Seeing God, in all beings, without the least idea of duality, is Bhakti." So you see, the 'i' can't really explain what it is. Now, if 'i' take the old identity and mix it in with all the personality that was given to this imaginary body/mind, then 'i' would be lying to you. Because, this 'i' isn't this formless true nature! Love Ya:cool:

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